It’s back to work we go

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s back to work we go……That day when you left work knowing it would be months before you returned may seem like an eternity ago now. Leaving without a backward glance, skipping your way out of the office, while trying not to let that Cheshire grin type smile give you away.

Each situation is so unique, as is the time period that has been spent away from a job. The mere thought of resuming office/corporate life can bring with it a shudder but also a huge sense of excitement – the resuming of the monthly pay cheque, trivial but fun chats with colleagues over hot cups of tea and coffee, and that great feeling of job satisfaction.

However after time out of a job our minds seem adept at throwing doubts and fears in our path which can become obstacles to a seamless return. “What if I’m not able for the work anymore?”, “Will I be left behind?”, “What will my colleagues think of my new flexible working agreement?”, and “Where will I find the TIME to work?!”

A huge proportion of the people in this situation are mothers who are returning to the workforce after taking time out to care for their children. So what can be done to ease back into to the workforce avoiding too much kicking and screaming? Here are some tips that have worked with past clients who have been in the situation of returning to work after taking time out to look after their children.

  • Have both your online and offline image looking sharp and professional. If that means buying new office attire and spending time perfecting your LinkedIn profile, it will all help towards keeping your confidence solid for your imminent return.
  • Do a trial run 🙂 Practice your morning routine a few days before you actually return to work.
  • Have your outfits ready for the first week back, it’s one less thing to worry about.
  • During the weeks before link up with colleagues for the occasional lunch, enabling you to get back in with the office lingo, and let’s face it – the gossip!
  • If you start to feel your confidence waver, make a list of all your career related achievements and let them become your mantra, remind yourself of these if any doubts set in. Most importantly believe in yourself and your abilities!

We would love to hear what went through your mind on the lead up to your return. What supports did you receive? What helped you through the process?

Eating for Energy

Eating for Energy

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Hold on to your Power!

Do you ever feel like you are giving your time to everyone else, leaving you feeling drained and exhausted at the end of the day?

We each have a finite amount of energy to get us through each day; I like to think of it as our power and it is our responsibility to use it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Leaving electrical appliances plugged in and turned on drains the power and we pay for it financially. We also pay for it when we constantly give our power away to others, without keeping enough for ourselves. In this case it is our wellbeing rather than our wallet that suffers.

Many of us can relate to feeling tired as a result of an over active mind. Women typically are renowned for the ability to multi task, but I find this can lead to constant thinking which drains my energy. Sometimes the mere thought of a lengthy to do list can be exhausting, so it makes sense that slowing down our minds will help our energy levels. As Sydney J. Harris said “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”. Now is the time to hold onto your power and spend it wisely.

So how can we manage our energy more effectively? Of course I could suggest weekly mediation, a yoga retreat or a mindfulness class however giving you another commitment to keep is not my intention. Simplicity and practicality are essential.

Step 1: This evening recap and jot down what has taken the majority of your energy.
Step 2: Put a technique in place which will allow you to disconnect from draining tasks and people, preventing any build up of frustration and stress. Pick a technique that works for you.

* For example, many therapists have techniques to disconnect from their various clients. I have heard of some who wash their hands with intent after each client leaves, and others who use certain essential oils which clear the room from one personality to the next. I know mums who swear by that 5 minutes they take just for themselves each day, to drink their coffee while it is still hot. As a busy mum you may benefit from having a technique to allow you to disconnect from an overloaded day. This can settle your mind; prevent stress accumulating, save energy while keeping you more focused and efficient.
Step 3: Decide on a time that is ‘yours’ each day. Be practical here, it may only be the 5 minutes you have in the shower but a mere 5 minutes can give you enough time to put this technique into practice.

Use your energy wisely and look after yourself, leaving you at your best for your family and career. We would love to hear what techniques you find useful. Untill next time. 🙂