What our clients say

We asked our clients what the most useful part of the one day Mumager training was for them personally. Here is what they had to say:

  • Everything! The small group and two trainers meant one on one attention for everyone. Super practical tips from trainers and other participants. Andrea Mara, blogger @officemum
  • Brilliant and motivational – E Caldera
  • I didn’t realise how much I really needed this session. I feel so much better – thank you – M Madakk, LinkedIn
  • Very useful and helpful – C Hotola, LinkedIn
  • Fantastic – great opportunity to share, L Cociosu
  • Practical yet open about the challenges working mothers face. Hugely beneficial to talk about issues freely in the workplace in a confidential setting and empowering to take positive action – C Doyle, LinkedIn, HR
  • Excellent – G Corrigan
  • How to handle difficult conversations and identifying your core values. S. Lynam
  • Understanding & overcoming guilt, how to handle difficult conversations, realizing what the effective styles are to help communicate and achieve goals . Anonymous
  • Knowing that others have the same issues, problems and concerns. Difficult conversation tips really good. S. Davis, Senior Business Development, Eumom.ie
  • Getting organised and managing pressure – any tips to help notice when you reach your tipping point are good. S. Werner
  • The discussion on what I can and can’t influence, an opportunity to network and learn from other mums. A. Moore

We asked people what they would say about the course in general:

  • It focused a lot more on ‘me’ and not the organisation which was a welcome surprise. “Thank you for a great day!” A. Moore
  • Really interesting. Good coverage in a day. Presenters were very engaging. Actually liked that Alex wasn’t a mum as good to have her views also. “Thanks ladies for an enjoyable time-out and
    learning” S. Werner
  • Really enjoyable, great team between the two trainers. A really nice feel to the whole day – ‘we’re all in this together’ feeling. “Thank you – that was great!” S. Davis, Senior Business Development, Eumom.ie
  • The course was very informative. Each participant contributed a lot, easy to communicate, open, honest. All concerns were taken on an individual personal basis. Anonymous
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has given me food for thought. S. Lynam
  • Really professional, well organised, well run – hard to believe it
    was the first one! Andrea Mara, blogger @officemum

All our delegates said they were very likely to talk positively about the training to their colleagues.


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